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Top Technologies and Trends for Business in 2022

All things technology will continue to accelerate in 2022, with ongoing advancements in quantum computing, applied AI (Artificial Intelligence), robots, blockchains, 4-D printing and machine-written software (Software 2.0).

Here are my predictions for the technologies and trends that will matter most to business owners in 2022, including some tips on how you can prepare for emerging trends and capitalise on new technologies.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Hybrid workplaces will accelerate

You probably don’t need a crystal ball for this one. The work-from-home phenomenon will continue and ensuring staff have access to critical technologies will enhance efficiency and productivity.

Businesses have become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, in part because of increased remote work. Therefore, providing safe and secure IT access will be critical in reducing your exposure to cyberattacks.

Faster connectivity

As remote working becomes commonplace, internet reliability becomes more vital than ever.

Investment in 5G will propel emerging technologies that rely on fast and effective connectivity such as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual and augmented reality.

5G may be in its infancy in Australia, but we are already seeing research and development in 6G in countries including China, the United States, Korea, Japan, and some European countries.

Supply chain disruptions

Supply of computer hardware is still proving to be an ongoing issue.

Whilst the complete stock shortage of last year is behind us, supply of common computer hardware devices can be erratic.

At the moment we are seeing shortages of monitors and docks, whilst laptops and PC’s are in reasonable supply. We expect this trend to continue.

Prices are also increasing across the board, as manufacturers face uncertainty of core component supply.

Blockchain technology

The widespread use of blockchain technology in businesses and in consumer applications will continue. This will include new utilities ranging from smart contracts that allow for supply chains to be optimised through to being able to eliminate ad fraud. Blockchain will usher in an era of true transparency in business transactions.


The pandemic has been a boon for cybercriminals. The rapid adoption of technology in every area of our lives has made us vulnerable on more than one front: phishers, hackers, scammers, and extortionists are all waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Businesses that invest in cybersecurity tools and strategies will not only save money that can be utilised for other business projects, but they will also avoid costs of restitution of services and ransomware in the event of an attack.

Technology will continue to reshape industries

All things digital will continue to accelerate and technology will continue to reshape various industries over the next decade.

For example, IoT, AI and automation will help businesses fill gaps created by labour shortages. In retail and hospitality, this will take the form of self-serve kiosks, autonomous order fulfillment and AI-enabled drive-thrus.

This great article by McKinsey Digital - The top trends in tech - explains which technology trends matter for business and their level of maturity and applicability across industries.

The article also provides some practical examples of how corporations are adopting emerging technologies on a practical level including:

  • Process automation: A global aerospace supplier prototyped a 25 percent lighter 3-D-printed fuel nozzle it could quickly produce at scale, with no increase in complexity.

  • Applied AI: A crop-protection producer fed live satellite images of fields through a computer-vision algorithm to detect plant viruses before they would have become visible to human workers, enabling farmers to make early intervention with mild pesticide doses.

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