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Slash your telco costs

3CX Hosted Phone Systems can reduce ongoing telecommunications costs by 80%, by taking advantage of SIP trunking.

We’ve had a lot of success installing 3CX Hosted Phone Systems recently and can recommend this product for clients looking to enhance their telecommunications efficiency, mobility and scalability.

Our 3CX offering is a cloud based software phone system that works with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks and your mobile devices. Key product features include:

Affordable, easy to install and manage

  • Rapid deployment – we can have you up and running in a few hours

  • No per extension licensing

  • Save money on phone calls with our per call or fixed price solutions

Scalable – 3CX grows with your business

  • Easily scale your installation, we can add an extension in minutes

  • Mobile clients means your staff can work on the move

In the cloud – with our cloud provider

  • Reliable, Brisbane based provider

  • No hardware or maintenance costs

Slash your phone bill by 80%

Cost savings are achieved because 3CX is a hosted PBX solution, so it mimics a physical PBX but at a far lower cost. Businesses are also able to take advantage of SIP trunking, in some cases reducing telecommunications costs by up to 80%, in our experience.

To give you an idea of ongoing costs, we recently installed the solution for a professional services business that employs 20 staff and they estimate their telecommunications costs will now be approximately $200 a month.

Improve collaboration, boost productivity

3CX’s VoIP softphone and smartphone apps provide users with instant access to communication tools such as status, instant messaging and web conferencing.

Key collaboration and productivity features include:

  • Make and receive calls from your smartphone

  • Android and iOS VoIP apps

  • Delivery of faxes and voicemail to inbox

  • Instant messaging / text chat

  • Set the status of your colleagues to avoid unnecessary call transfers etc.

  • Manage calls with the 3CX switchboard

  • Integrate with MS Exchange, Outlook or internal phonebook

  • Web conferencing

  • Video conferencing

  • Pre-upload PowerPoints and PDFs

Increase web conversions

The 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin allows your website visitors to chat and call your company in real-time. This enables clients to connect with visitors to your call centre or sales team and keep all your communications on one platform.

Further information

Please contact us on 07 4637 9033 if you would like a product demo, a quote or advice about what hosted phone system would be best for your business.

Download Brochure

3CX Brochure 2020_web
Download PDF • 1.40MB

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