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HP Dragonfly easily the best!

I’ve had a lot of laptops in my life, but the HP Elite Dragonfly is easily the best!

It’s a big call, so I thought I’d provide a quick two-minute review / sales pitch for those of you looking to upgrade your computer before the end of the financial year.

Two-minute review: HP Dragonfly


  • Lightweight design - HP claim the Dragonfly is lighter than air, which is probably a stretch. But at less than 1 kg, it’s designed for travelling professionals and is super light, thin and very luxurious.

  • Fast hardware - At the top end, you’ll get Intel® Core™ i7-8665U processor with Intel® UHD

  • Graphics 620 (1.9 GHz base frequency, up to 4.8 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 8 MB L3 cache, 4 cores).

  • Extremely long battery life – 13 hours

  • Built in 4G – fantastic internet on the go – no more hotspotting your mobile (on selected models)

  • Privacy screen (on selected models)


  • Price – The HP Elite Dragonfly definitely isn't cheap, with the entry level model starting at $2,770 and the top-end model $4,210. Bundles and accessories are also hard to resist …


"If you are looking for ultimate performance, you can't go wrong with this laptop."

Next Steps

Check out of the HP website for a summary of all the HP Dragonfly specs or contact us today on 07 4637 9033 if you would like a quote.

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