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How to Use Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams

Book virtual appointments, answer product questions, schedule a live demos or host a telehealth session for patients, with Virtual Appointments in Teams.

What Is Virtual Appointments in Teams?

With Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams, you have a complete meeting platform to schedule, manage, and conduct business-to-customer engagements. For example:

  • Financial advisors, can meet with clients remotely.

  • Sales associates, can conduct virtual fittings and consultations.

  • Clinicians can meet with patients to discuss medical care.

  • Human resources departments can conduct virtual interviews with job candidates.

Designed for all your virtual appointment needs, the interface enables anyone with the link to join the virtual appointment - they do not need a Teams account.

How to Use Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams
How to Use Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams

Some of the features below will be available with any Microsoft 365 plan. Some are available with a premium plan.

Teams Virtual Appointments Features

Manage Scheduled Appointments

You can see your scheduled appointments in a single view. Manage cancellations and time changes easily.

Send Customised Confirmations & Reminders

You can personalise customer experience by sending them a customised message via SMS or email. You can also use automation to provide a personal touch without having to send each one manually. Automated appointment reminders are another time-saving function.

Customised Waiting Room

'Brand' your virtual Teams waiting room using themes, logos and your business branding. You can also chat with attendees while in the lobby waiting room. This is helpful if your current appointment is running a little long. You can let them know you’ll be right with them.

Meeting Follow-ups

You can send meeting follow-ups after a virtual appointment. This helps you reduce the time it takes to send any promised follow-up information. You also keep all details in a single place. This makes your client communication trail easier to follow.

Organisation & Department Analytics

How effective are your appointments? It’s hard to know if your demos are resulting in sales if you don’t have a good tracking system. It’s also important to have visibility into customer appointments across the organisation. You can do this with a premium analytics feature. It gives you helpful reporting. The reporting provides insights into B2C virtual appointments in all departments.

How to Use Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams

To start using Virtual Appointments in Teams, admins must set up a few things. Note, they must be a Bookings admin to access these settings.

Create a Calendar

In the Virtual Appointments app choose to “Create a calendar.” You can find this option on the Home tab. Larger organizations may wish to create different calendars for different departments

Add Staff

Next, add staff members. You can add up to 100. You will also need to assign them a role. Once you’ve added your staff, you can view their availability in both Teams and Outlook.

What's another nice thing about using an integrated platform like M365? It's the cross-app compatibility. Your calendar syncs across apps.

Create Appointment Types

You’ll next set up your appointment types. You can choose from these two options:

  • Scheduled: You schedule the day/time. The system adds this information to the email confirmation.

  • On-demand (Teams Premium): Customers can choose when to meet from your booking calendar.

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