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5 tips for planning a business security camera system

Crime is on the rise across Toowoomba and installing security cameras on your property can deter criminals, help police identify and arrest offenders and even help reduce insurance premiums.

As a licensed security camera installer, Digit IT can help you review your existing business security and custom design a security system to ensure you've got every angle covered.

Here are five points to consider when planning a business security camera system:

1. Camera positioning

Placing the cameras in the best possible position to record or monitor your businesses takes some consideration. Some businesses may require monitoring to cover a cash register and/or entry/exit points, while for another business workshops or storage areas could be a top priority.

Your security budget will influence many of these factors, however typically Security cameras are best positioned at point-of-sale and the entry/exit points of your business.

Digit IT will conduct a site survey to determine the best place/s to install camera/s and identify any particular area of concern for your business including locations where valuable stock or equipment is stored.

2. Environmental conditions

When positioning your security cameras, you need to consider the environmental factors the equipment will be exposed to.

Humidity, heat and frost can determine the selection and placement of security cameras for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor cameras can be weather and vandal proof or sourced to withstand -30’ to +60’ environmental operating conditions.

3. Vision quality

Cameras which capture high-resolution images should be considered for the clear identification.

The area you want to cover will determine the resolution you require; for example, if you want to cover your shop floor to catch potential shoplifters, a high-quality image is recommended. Alternatively, another security camera might be better suited to identifying motor vehicles at night.

Digit IT offers a wide range of high-quality security cameras to suite your requirements, including wide angle fixed and zoom lenses, from a variety of suppliers.

4. Security camera power supply

The summer storm season is shaping up to being a wild one!

Establishing a reliable power supply for the security camera system is essential to avoid losing footage during a power out or deliberate loss of electricity. A quality battery backup system ensures your cameras will keep recording, even without mains power.

5. Camera footage storage

Digit IT can customise your storage based on your specific needs. Store 1, 3 or 6 months’ footage or increase your storage to accommodation high-resolution images.

Often businesses will opt for the Australian Standard of 31 days for archiving security recordings.

Our flexible solutions enable you to add or remove security cameras or storage capacity depending on your needs.

Security cameras one piece of the puzzle

Installing security cameras is obviously just a piece of the puzzle and Queensland Police recommend a layered approach for identifying existing and desirable security:

- Layer one: External perimeter

- Layer two: External walls and access

- Layer three: Internal walls

- Layer four: Internal areas

- Layer five: Property

- Layer five: People

Business security questions

Security has become a crucial investigative tool in modern policing and, in terms of security cameras, Queensland Police recommend considering the following questions around business security:

  • Are business rules and security precautions clearly signed on the building exterior? (entry, staff only areas, security and alarm systems in operation)

  • Are you able to monitor and detect activities within the business during opening hours? (mirrors, cameras, alarm system, lighting)

  • Are you able to detect activities within the space after hours? (Security cameras, alarm system, lighting)

  • Are security systems installed and of sufficient quality to detect, identify and record activities? (Security cameras, alarms, lighting)

  • Do security cameras record to an offsite Internet Protocol (IP) address and receive regular maintenance?

  • Are staff trained in relevant security systems where appropriate? (Security cameras, alarm systems, safe, cash handling)

Download: Queensland Police Business Security Guide

Get a Quote

Digit IT is licensed by the Queensland Department of Fair Trade to advise on and install security cameras for residential and commercial use.

Please contact Digit IT to discuss your business security camera needs on 07 4637 9033 or head to our Security Camera webpage for more information.

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